HWS Horse Riding Academy

Horse Riding Academy

Academy is located at sun city and is easily accessible to Ghaziabad city, Noida extension and area around sector 62 Noida including indirapuram.

Benefits of horse riding for children

Riding is a coordination of the mind and the body to control the horse. It improves motor functions and gives lot of self confidence when one is able to control an animal. It involves gradual developing of strength to the thigh muscles, pelvic back and arms. It helps one to maintain a good posture. Grooming after riding and caring for the horse developes love for animals and teaches one to take care

Like any other sport it improves blood circulation.
It is a royal sport and kids of the royal family were made to undergo riding lessons. It is mandatory part of the armed forces and the prestigious IPS/IAS cadres


National Level Teams

HWS Horse Riding Club offers full-fledged stables for horses on its sprawling campus.
Students get to learn this unique and expensive sport of horse riding as it is part of our curriculum. The structured approach used by the trained instructor ensures that the riders develop confidence with practice over time. Our students participate in different equestrian competitions and have won prizes.

Our Coach

Mr. Om Prakash (National Player) is the coach at HWS HRC.
He runs the stables, manages the equestrian staff and looks after the horses.
He puts his best foot forward in training children for competitions.

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