Lexicon Club

Public speaking is the need of the hour. What you need is confidence, command over the language and the presentation skills. It will be a great idea to develop these skills in a child from the very beginning. As an amalgamation of all these ideas, Hi-Tech World School proudly introduces The Lexicon Club, the English Club of the School. Lexicon is derived from the Greek word which means vocabulary of a specific group of people.


Benefits of Lexicon Club

The Lexicon Club of our school will give chance to our students to practice many different skills (Reciting a poem, narrating a story, Drama etc.) in a setting that will be less formal and more like real life. The class will comprise of games and activities which will enhance the knowledge of English in students.

Keeping in mind the same, we have a stage dedicated for these activities in all the classrooms of our school. The students will be performing and practicing on the stage which will gradually abolish their stage fear, remove hesitation (if any) and build their confidence. The students of the Hi-Tech World School are ready to learn that English learning doesn’t end only in the classroom. Moreover, they are geared-up to meet the challenges in their coming professional lives and come out with flying color's.

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